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The latest from the fox

Musings about life and bedding from the Fox....

OK, we admit defeat. We have fared terribly at keeping this blog up to date, but we have been much better at keeping our customers up to date via our Facebook page. 

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Blog me up, baby!

2010-10-13 07:29:00

In retrospect, it was foolish to try to birth a second baby, move house, launch an organic bedding range and completely rebuild our existing website all within the space of two months. Actually all of that would have been possible if we had actually had internet access for the first month we were in our new place. An internet business and no internet connection is a particularly bad combination, you see. There are certainly more effective and enjoyable ways to run a business than from McDo...

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Gearing up for Baby Show

2010-10-14 12:01:22

Hurrah! We are off to the Baby Show at Earls Court next week 22 - 24th October at the main exhibition centre at Earls Court! We'll be showing off all our lovely goodies and are really looking forward to meeting some new parents to be. Come and find us in the Boutique Baby section (oooh, er!)

New fabrics arrived!

2010-10-15 12:46:49

What a relief, our new fabric stocks arrived today, just in time for a weekend of frantic sewing. We'll be making up a marvellous new batch of sheets in all our favourite specialist sizes, including Boori, Stokke, Bugaboo Cameleon and can also do ones for Leander junior beds. Feels great to get some fresh blood back into our handmade collection!

About 4 years ago my husband took it upon himself to research the ideal buggy on the market for our impending arrival. He approached it much like you would buying a new car - manoevrability, style, suspension, 'the ride' were all mentioned. At the time, I couldn't have cared less; I was much more concerned about getting through childbirth with minimal trauma. A few months later, I grew to respect the hours of buggy research and LOVED my Bugaboo. Our first daughter slept in it downstairs wi...

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Thanks Earls Court

2010-10-26 21:19:27

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our stall at the Earls Court Baby Show last weekend. We were in the 'Baby Boutique' section and sold lots of goodies, and I loved chatting to all the couples about their burgeoning bumps! I really do never tire of hearing all about what cot and buggy people have decided on and all about their plans for the new arrival. I also find it fascinating to hear about whether people know the sex of the baby they're having, where they're having the baby etc etc etc....

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At the risk of being seen to blow one's own trumpet.... how much nicer are ErgoPouch sleeping bags than those grotty polyester filled ones???? I have a habit of allowing my daughter to spend much of the day wearing her sleeping bag (much easier than putting in warm clothes), but this can mean I am constantly washing due to the invariable daily sick ups. A few days ago, having run out of clean Ergos (I have 3!), I popped her into a cute one I bought for my first daughter from Gap. The next ...

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