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Sleeping in style

As a soon-to-be mother back in 2006, I felt that minimal was the way to go for my offspring's nursery. I was convinced that babies could be persuaded to like a nice harmonious palate of neutrals.

In my innocence, I bought a beige mobile and plain white sheets. I was so afraid of what I thought was the alternative - hideous all matching Disney!!! Eventually I learned there was another path. 

As your little one's personality starts to show through and he or she starts to take an interest in something other than the boob/ bottle, Zen-style interiors just aren't going to cut it. Let's face it, by the age of 18 months, they'll probably be delighted with a bedroom put together entirely of Thomas the Tank Engine merchandise (or whatever else floats their boat), but one gives up so much when one becomes a parent, there really is no need to completely abandon all efforts to create a home that is stylish and cool.

So, what is required is a room that gives the little 'uns a sense of fun and an element of narrative, yet is versatile, colourful and chic.

If you are a new or soon-be-parent thinking of how you will put together your baby's room, all white walls are a very good place to start.

Now, before you start accusing us of contradicting ourselves, the Quick Brown Fox philosophy is emphatically anti-minimalist. White walls are gender-neutral, for one, but far more importantly, are the perfect foundation for all the injections of colour that you will inevitably find in the form of toys, pictures, wall stickers, not to mention bedding of course! That neutral foundation gives you oodles of opportunity to introduce beautiful and useful objects without descending into the proverbial 'riot' of colour.

Quick Brown Fox bedding is all about clean lines and impeccable design, evoking sense of whimsical mischief. We know when it comes to babies, fresh, clean and crisp is the order of the day. You want something age appropriate, without going all Dora the Explorer.

So, for the uninitiated, here's the lowdown on what we reckon you need bedding-wise:

0-3 months: If your baby is sleeping in a moses basket, our Bugaboo range of sheets will more often than not work fine as a fitted sheet for your basket - just make that they are snuggly tucked in. If you swaddle, either learn to do it with a large muslin, or find one of the many contraptions on the market that make swaddling more simple (like the Love to Dream swaddle). Don't feel you need to swaddle, though. Some babies go straight into a sleeping bag and never look back. Just make sure you have the right size and the right weight. And you can obviously skip the moses basket phase entirely and go straight to a cot. Another fabulous alternative is the Bednest - a bedside cot with drop side - an investment we made for our second. Sleek good looks and the ability to have baby very close to you without co-sleeping. Clever, practical and entirely in keeping with NCT recommendations.

3 - 24 months: Chances are, you baby will be more comfortable in a cot or cot bed by 3 months. A cool range of fitted sheets that will be 'on show' all the time and a few good sleeping bags that are appropriate for the season and size of baby, are all the bedding your baby will need until they are at least 2 years old. You should steer clear of blankets, pillows and duvets until your child is around a year. Most of our sheets will look fabulous with a plain white or cream baby sleeping bag, or one in a co-ordinating solid colour. But equally, don't be afraid to combine stripes and patterns, or any combo that takes your fancy.

Try to get your hands on a baby sleeping bag that is not puffed & up by synthetic filling - stick to natural fibres that breathe and won't encourage over-heating. The Fox (obviously) recommends Bambino Merino merino wool/ cotton sleeping bags as they can be used almost all year round. A good functional design and natural fibres will pay dividends when it comes to the quality of your baby's sleep.

2 to 4 years: Time to move out of a cot! If you have invested in a cotbed, by the time you take the sides off to make it a 'big girls'/ big boys' bed, your sprongling will probably be ready for a pillow and duvet.

Your Quick Brown Fox cot bed sheets will continue to work beautifully as base sheets, onto which you can layer a classic white pillowcase and white duvet cover, or for lovers of 'hectic eclectic' - anything you fancy.

We hope you love our bedding as much as we do.